We Are…a cult of shortsighted assholes?

It was on that infamous day in November of 2011, when news broke of the nefarious actions of J Shitstain and the subsequent lack of response by those morally responsible to intervene, that I became a true misanthrope. It was a coming of age of sorts.

The absurd debates that ensued in the following months further reiterated my negative perception of humanity. Nobody seemed to grasp the big picture, supporters and detractors alike. It was all such an embarrassing mess.

Once the dust settled and the graves were dug, the only thing left to for us to do was to lick our wounds and appreciate the fact that football was even permitted to continue in Happy Valley. I, as both a graduate of Penn State and proponent of human decency, will forever stand by my opinion that a complete shutdown of the program for multiple years was an appropriate action to take.

But may no act of ours bring shame, right? To think that it was the lyrics of Sweet Caroline that so many got riled up over…

In the time since the fiasco, trustees and alumni alike have continued to incessantly protest the sanctions, such that every now and then it becomes a news story. Even once the penalties were reduced! Way to stick it to those assholes that made a statement against megalomania and idolatry in college athletics!

Today, again I saw some bullshit on my media sources that there is a push for further reductions or some crap. The fuck if I’m wasting my time reading that garbage.

Instead, let me share a little perspective.

Football doesn’t mean shit. And I love football. But nothing will ever take precedence over human decency.

These poor students that will never get to play in a bowl game? Fuck ’em. If they are good enough, they will make millions in the NFL and can abuse women without consequence just like Jerry did with his little boys for so long. Their futures are not affected.

You people preaching that the students and athletes shouldn’t be punished for Penn State’s executive transgressions sound like whiny-ass children who believe that life is inherently designed to be fair. I can think of about two million examples of people who are secondarily affected by some unfortunate and “unfair” punishment intended for the greater good. But feeble minds need an occasional exercise, so I will digress and leave it to your imagination.

And the one thing that I care the least about, just slightly less than Paterno’s win total, is the NCAA’s involvement in imposing these sanctions. Blaming Mark Emmert or expressing any vitriol toward him or the NCAA over this issue is absurd and as off target as a Sam Ficken 40 yard field goal attempt. This should have ended so much worse for Penn State athletics.

I could rant for days, but for fucks sake can we not just get over this slap on the wrist and stop embarrassing ourselves?






2 responses to “We Are…a cult of shortsighted assholes?”

  1. Mason says :

    Shortsighted assholes? Cult? I happen to have spent much time around fans, alumni, and students of the school. That’s a very drastic generalization. Also I don’t know what’s short sighted about questioning the punishment of people, young adults mostly, who had absolutely nothing to do with the hideous, disgusting, and morally mind numbing acts that occurred on campus. I understand the punishment of the institution as well as athletic branch. Unfortunately, as with most drastic reactions in response to public outcry two words come to mind, shortsighted, and overkill. I understand stripping the university of the profits of bowl games, and limiting them competitively by reducing scholarships, but what about the band, cheerleaders, and students who had nothing to do with it that miss once in a lifetime opportunities. My punishments would have taken 30% of all tv revenue, and 100% of post season revenue and giving that money to victims/charities that help fight all forms of child abuse. As well as the fines, probation and scholarship reductions [which would have been given to another sport/ conference opponent, so as to not waste a free, excellent education]. So is that shortsighted? Cult like? Or just reasonable, thought out with the intention to serve a cause and work towards a positive outcome.

  2. mporter22 says :

    Hi Mason, thanks for the response.

    I write with emotion and I’m well aware of exceptions to my generalizations. I leave it up to you to decide to be offended or entertained. If the former, I want to be challenged. It’s the only way to grow.

    It seems to me that you reiterated many of the arguments that I attempted to refute. I don’t understand what the cheerleaders and band have to do with anything besides maybe a missed trip to Tampa or San Antonio for a bowl. What a shame.

    I really can’t say much more though, because as I respond to this I am reminded that the focus should be on the havoc that can be wreaked by these major athletic programs when left unchecked, not the relatively minor inconveniences of some middle to upper/middle class college students.


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