Reflections on the lack of perspective in the recent media cycle

My name is Mike Porter and I nominate you to shut the hell up and contribute to a cause without making a pompous display of it.

Seriously, get over yourselves. This dumping ice on your head bullshit is beyond juvenile and it further reiterates how self-absorbed so many of us have become. It really ticks me off that we now have to self-promote under the guise of raising awareness for a disease when the internet can tell us pretty much anything we could ever want to know. But we don’t want to use it to learn. We want more selfies.

Fuck selfies.

If you want to perform some act in the name of solidarity, please at least make it interesting. Run a marathon. Eat a cockroach. Impress me. Social media is so full of dogshit as it is, you are all just blending in. Perhaps next week we can eat a sour candy for depression, something that I can actually relate to and have dealt with for years. I mean, how could anyone not suffer from it? The world sucks.

Robin Williams’ recent suicide has done nothing but further complicate that particular issue, and for that I am super thankful (/s). Talking heads with journalism degrees have suddenly become experts on the nuances of brain physiology. Guess what. Using the term chemical imbalance does not make you appear intelligent. It makes you sound like you recently added two words to your vocabulary.

Further, celebrity* suicide is NOT an effing tragedy. The continued casual usage of that word has completely expunged it of any meaning whatsoever. Newtown was a tragedy. Rampant worldwide poverty is a tragedy. The murder of an unarmed man by a dickbag police officer is a god damned tragedy**. One old man leaving this world on his own terms is not a tragedy to anyone but those closest to him. In this mindless, recycled, celebrity culture that we call the first world, his legacy will disappear as quickly as journalistic integrity has turned to garbage.

A great man once said, “You either die a hero or live long enough to provide a cameo in Sharknado”. This, my friends, only further confirms that the death of Robin Williams was in fact not a tragedy.




*Celebrity suicide is not a tragedy.

**Evidence has come out that kid in Missouri may not have been as innocent as it first appeared.  Isn’t that often the case? One day I’ll learn to wait for the facts before jumping to conclusions.


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