A Tuesday blues-day stream of consciousness

I’ve always sort-of hated Tuesdays.

Monday is alright. It’s a fresh start. And it always feels good to get through Wednesday and the Geico references. The other four days go without saying.

But it’s all just looking forward.  Every day towards the weekend and every season to the next. Childhood to adulthood, adulthood to retirement. Shouldn’t we instead seek contentedness with the present so that we can strive to make each day better than the last?

I suppose that’s all much more easily said than done.

Today I was inspired by a brief conversation with a colleague about our growing anticipation of spring.  Her perspective was unique.  She explained that she, in fact, can wait for the nice weather, because as it approaches, well, we are getting that much older.  I was taken back by the meaningfulness of a seemingly innocuous observation.

And on the seven minute drive home, I began to reflect.

And I realized that my intellectual superiority complex is at times insatiable and likely unsustainable. It’s a parasite that drains me of energy and morale when there isn’t enough of either to begin with.

People talk too much. People complain too much. People can’t drive.

Know what I mean?

You go to the grocery store and the lady in front of you on her cell phone refuses MOVE OUT OF THE WAY to allow you to get by. WHORE. Other people are crammed into this tiny aisle too, and we got SHIT TO DO.

You can’t be anywhere without being accosted by a beggar. I’m all for altruism toward the less fortunate, but upon these encounters I can’t help but reflect on the mistakes and sadness that must have lead them to such a fate. And then my mind wanders to the societal burden of poverty. And then I lament the fact that I just accidentally handed them a five.

And you sure as hell can’t drive anywhere without getting honked at over stupid shit like, say, MERGING. A polite beep? Fine. I’ll get over that by the end of the week. But the cacophony of passive-aggressive roadway fuck-yous that permeates the city is just further evidence of the inability of so many to control their emotions.

So what I’m trying to say is that I’m looking for a sign; a way to live my life irrespective of the annoyances that contaminate it.  All while maintaining my beliefs about humility, patience, respect and intellect.

And it all raises an important question. Am I no better than the twat in the grocery store, the bum on the street, or the jehu with anger issues?

Or do I just have a front row ticket to the freak show?



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