Conservative Jesus

Hey everybody (anybody?) checking in, it’s been a while since I’ve last said hello, and for that I apologize.  Between my travels, job and everything that keeps me from these moments of digital reflection, I’ve had little time to share my feelings and spread my so-called, yet technically somewhat true, socialist agenda.  But at last, today I have found inspiration!

While I find myself at times exasperated with the over-saturation of the internet with the recent fad known as “memes”, I couldn’t help but fall in love with one that I saw today on good old Reddit.  It is called Conservative Jesus, and I think that it has some real promise!  For the longest time I’ve seen the hypocrisy within “conservative Christianity” (and so have many others- I’m not claiming to be special here), and this particular image reaffirms that I am in fact not alone.  Who else out there likes to think of Jesus Christ, our moral guide and savior from sin and damnation, as one who turns away beggars, cuts entitlements for the poor, imprisons those who commit victimless crimes, shuns a union between two people because of a sexual preference that he cannot understand, and generally supports economic and political policies that oppress those who are not able-bodied, male, white, and born privileged (yes I know there are exceptions, but anecdotal evidence is for…whatever the PC term for those who lack brain skills is…).

But alas, am I preaching to the choir or the congregation?




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