It appears as though you have found your way to my blog and I’d like to thank you for your time! 

As I’ve grown over the years, I’ve become much more passionate about my moral code.  Unfortunately, I often find myself not being able to properly express myself in conversation, and thus I have a hard time conveying my opinions to others.  As a result, I’ve decided to create a blog as a medium to share my feelings with those of you who may be interested.  This way, I can tackle complicated issues meticulously and at my own leisure, rather than struggling with the quirks of group dynamics.  Knowing where I stand intellectually is important to me and I invite any one of you to challenge any of my stances.  As for the content, a flavor of the week style will be employed.  Perhaps I’ll dissect a relevant philosophical issue in one post and the next I’ll lighten it up by delving into the world of entertainment.  Nothing is off the table as this blog is intended to be my sanctuary, a place for my thoughts, and a spark for meaningful discussion.

I look forward to the learning experience.



2 responses to “Welcome”

  1. Ross says :

    Is it lame of me to want to comment on your introduction instead of your very nicely done discussion starter on guns. I’m very glad you decided to start this blog, and it seems that it will be another forum for me to spend/waste my time at work now that that we have a lull in the fantasy football/baseball seasons. First, I’d like to comment that I had no idea you were so eloquent with the prose. One of the first thoughts I had about the blog was a generalization that people tend to associate with other like-minded people, and so your goal of generating a discussion I initially thought was going to be tough to come by. This was before I read the comments from dallascowboys1.

    Anyway, as I was reading your introduction I couldn’t help but selfishly think of myself, and my role in our group discussions. I think I unintentionally control the discussion during debate, creating those “quirks of group dynamics” that you suggest. While you would prefer to meticulously write down your thoughts, I would much prefer to engage in conversation, and this brings up a topic that Ana and I discuss all the time; introverts and extroverts.

    While I am probably a moderate extrovert, Ana is extremely introverted, to the point of hating to have to interact with people at times(although she works in hospitality at a hotel…). What disagreements and conflicts we have in our relationship tend to stem from how our personalities differ in this regard. While Ana will engage me in debate, and usually think she wins, she is definitely a “blogger” person. She needs to get her thoughts down on paper. I bring this up because I believe that you are a moderate introvert… and I can absolutely understand why you want to/need to start this blog.

    Good Luck with it, and I’m looking forward to the discussion we will have. Also, Ana said she would be more likely to read your blog if you include pictures of panda bears with every paragraph.

    • mporter22 says :

      Thanks for the support Ross! And I’m truly flattered by the kind words.

      Regarding you statements, I most definitely agree that you are an extrovert. You have a strong personality and from my point of view, you handle group discussion very well. But this is why I like you and we are all guilty of trying to dominate discussions, especially when we are passionate about the content.

      I find that Hannah and I have a dynamic similar to you and Ana. While I wouldn’t consider myself too exceptionally introverted, I do appreciate silence and time to myself, which is not so much the case with her. Only when I am free from distraction am I able to truly reflect and contemplate who it is that I want to be.

      Anyway, thanks again for checking in! And tell Ana that I’ll do my best to “panda” to her request. They ARE cute.

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